Vakantiepark Hellendoorn
Vakantiepark Hellendoorn
Vakantiepark Hellendoorn
Vakantiepark Hellendoorn
vakantiepark hellendoorn
Vakantiepark Hellendoorn
Vakantiepark Hellendoorn
Vakantiepark Hellendoorn

Terms and Conditions

Vacation park Hellendoorn uses park rules, departure rules and general conditions. This allows us to guarantee our quality.

Park rules
To make your stay in our park as pleasant as possible, we have some park (game) rules.

1. Upon arrival please report to reception. We will ask you for identification.

2. Only persons registered at the reception (max. 4 or 6 persons per bungalow) are allowed to stay overnight in the park. Visitors are of course welcome during the day, after reporting at the reception. Placing tents next to the bungalow is not allowed.

3. The bungalow can be occupied from 3 p.m. on the day of arrival and must be vacated before 10 a.m. on the day of departure. The bungalow will be checked after your departure by a park employee. See also "departure rules".

4. The bungalows are private property and the furnishings may therefore differ slightly from one another. Please be careful with these properties and do not move furniture. Placing furniture outside the bungalow is not allowed.

5. Through the inventory list you can check that the inventory is complete and in good condition. Any defects should be reported to reception on the day of arrival. Should anything accidentally break or get lost during your stay, please report it to the reception. All inventory items can be purchased at cost at the reception desk. It is not permitted to purchase replacement items elsewhere, as the inventory must remain uniform.

6. When the bungalow is not left as it should be, when damage occurs or for other reasons of which we are forced to charge, we will inform you and you will receive an invoice.

7. Some bungalows are equipped with a fireplace. Only special firewood which can be purchased in the store at the reception can be used in the fireplace.  It is forbidden to use wood because of fire hazard, chimney fire and damage to the wooded area.

8. Barbecuing is permitted, provided the usual safety precautions are observed and no nuisance is caused to others. Location and wind direction must be observed. Caution! A local ban may apply during drought conditions.

9. Instruments and/or devices intended for making music must not cause annoying noise, as well as the annoying penetration of other sounds is prohibited in the park.

10. The maximum speed on the park is 6 km per hour. One car per bungalow is allowed. Your possible second car can be parked in the designated central parking lots. On the roads and parking lots of the park the Dutch traffic rules apply.

11. Between midnight and 7 a.m., motorized traffic is not allowed on the park. The roads in the park are one-way roads. Unnecessary traffic should be avoided, honking is prohibited. No vehicles may be parked on or along non-paved paths. At the first request of management, an improperly parked vehicle must be removed. Exemption from this may be granted by the management in connection with disability of the driver. The bungalows' parking areas are reserved exclusively for motor vehicles. One vehicle may be parked per bungalow. Other vehicles can be parked in the central parking lot. It is not allowed to park on the lawn. It is prohibited to drive motor vehicles on the sidewalks, including when loading and unloading. The same applies to the tiled paths.

12. It is not allowed to charge electric or hybrid cars from the bungalow. One of the public charging points in the area is
Petrol station bie Olthof, Collenstaartweg 7 7443 RM Nijverdal

13. Between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m., there must be peace and quiet on the premises. Everyone must behave in such a way as not to disturb the sleep of others.

14. It is allowed to keep pets in the park, provided:

- They do not cause any nuisance
- Pets are kept on a leash.
- Pets are walked outside the park.
- Any unexpected pollution in the park is cleaned up immediately.

15. Garbage, paper, glass, PMD and organic waste may only be deposited in the containers provided. What falls under PMD can be found on the special PMD sticker on the bin in the kitchen. The waste containers can be found between the restaurant and the mini-golf course.

Departure rules
To ensure a smooth departure, we have drawn up a list of how the bungalow should be left.

We request that you leave the bungalow tidy, which means:
- Deposit garbage in the designated containers. The environmental street is located next to the mini-golf course. There are containers here for Glass, paper, PMD, GFT and residual waste.
- Unload dishwasher.
- Leave dishes and cutlery clean and dry in the cupboards.
- Defrost refrigerator/freezer when leaving and leave the door open
- Clean kitchen appliances
- Take away foodstuffs.
- Heating thermostat at 10°C.
- Place remote control of TV and DVD player near the appliance.
- Clean fireplace grate (if present and used) and empty ash pan. Due to fire hazard, never vacuum!
- Collect linens in the pillowcases, and place them in the hallway. Please leave mattress covers and pillowcases on the beds, they are washed separately.
- Place any rented children's furniture in the hallway.
- Stack terrace chairs and place them against the wall on the terrace
- Place the parasol in the storage room.
- Sweep the bungalow clean
- Lock windows and doors.
- If you have broken or damaged something during your stay, you must pay for it (price information at the reception). Please report any technical defects to reception so that they can be repaired before the next guest arrives. Urgent matters can be reported directly to reception and will be corrected as soon as possible.

General terms and conditions
 Finally, we share our Terms and Conditions before you book your stay at Holiday Park Hellendoorn.

Article 1: Definitions In these terms and conditions, the following definitions apply:
a. vacation accommodation: tent, folding camper, camper, (stationary) caravan, bungalow, summer house, hiker's hut and the like;
b. entrepreneur: the company, the institution or association that makes the vacation residence available to the holiday maker;
c. holiday maker: the person who enters into the agreement concerning the vacation residence with the entrepreneur;
d. co-owner: the person(s) also indicated on the agreement
e. third party: any other person, not being the holiday maker and/or his fellow holiday maker(s);
f. agreed price: the remuneration that is paid for the use of the vacation residence; hereby it must be mentioned on the basis of a price list what is not included in the price
g. costs: all costs for the entrepreneur related to the operation of the recreation business;
h. information: written/electronic information about the use of the vacation accommodation, the facilities and the rules concerning the stay;
i: cancellation: the written termination by the holiday maker of the agreement prior to the commencement date of the stay.

Article 2: Content of Agreement.
1. The entrepreneur puts at the disposal of the vacation maker for recreational purposes, i.e. not for permanent residence, a vacation residence of the kind or type agreed upon, for the agreed upon period and the agreed upon price.
2. The entrepreneur shall be obliged to provide in advance to the holiday maker the written information on the basis of which this agreement is partly concluded. The entrepreneur shall always disclose changes therein to the holiday maker in time in writing.
3. In the event that the information deviates considerably from the information provided at the conclusion of the agreement, then the holiday maker shall be entitled to cancel the agreement without any costs.
4. The holiday maker shall be under the obligation to observe the agreement and the accompanying information. He shall see to it that fellow holiday maker(s) and/or third party/parties visiting him and/or staying with him observe the agreement and the information belonging thereto.
5. The holiday maker and the entrepreneur may make individual additional agreements whereby these conditions are deviated from for the benefit or disadvantage of the holiday maker.
6. After the conclusion of the agreement, the entrepreneur shall be entitled to increase the agreed price with a deposit without giving any reason.
The deposit will be transferred back into the bank account of the holiday maker within 14 days, after deduction of any costs.

Article 3: Duration and termination of the agreement
The agreement ends by operation of law after the expiration of the agreed period, without notice being required.

  Article 4: Price and price change
1. The price is agreed on the basis of the rates valid at that time, which are determined by the entrepreneur.
2. In the event that, after determination of the agreed price, because of an increase of the burden on the side of the entrepreneur, extra costs arise as a consequence of a change in charges and/or levies, which are directly related to the vacation residence or the holiday maker, then these may be passed on to the holiday maker, also after the conclusion of the agreement.

Article 5: Payment
1. The holiday maker must make the payments in Euros, unless otherwise agreed upon, with due observance of the terms agreed upon.
2. In the event that the holiday maker, despite prior written demand for payment, does not or not adequately fulfil his payment obligation within a period of two weeks after the written demand, then the entrepreneur shall be entitled to cancel the agreement with immediate effect, notwithstanding the right of the entrepreneur to demand full payment of the agreed price.
3. If, on the day of arrival, the entrepreneur is not in possession of the total amount owed, he shall be entitled to deny the holiday maker access to the vacation residence, notwithstanding the right of the entrepreneur to full payment of the agreed price.
4. The extrajudicial costs reasonably made by the entrepreneur, after a notice of default, shall be at the expense of the holiday maker. In the event that the total amount has not been paid on time, the statutory interest rate shall be charged on the outstanding amount after written summons.

Article 6: Cancellation
1. In case of cancellation of one or more bungalows, the holiday maker shall pay a remuneration to the entrepreneur.
This amounts to:
- In case of cancellation more than three months before the starting date, 15% of the agreed price;
- in case of cancellation within three to two months before the commencement date, 50% of the agreed price;
- in case of cancellation within two to one months before the commencement date, 75% of the agreed price;
- for cancellation within one month before the commencement date, 90% of the agreed price;
- for cancellation on the day of the commencement date, 100% of the agreed price.
 - The cancellation fund can only be claimed in the event of death, illness or accidents, which prevent the vacation from going ahead.
 - If cancelled on or after the day of arrival, the cancellation fund can no longer be used.

Cancellation fund Holiday park Hellendoorn
Why a cancellation fund? Before or during your vacation situations can always arise, which require you to cancel your vacation or end it early.
For example, it is possible that you or one of your travel companions becomes ill or something occurs in the private situation.

Cancellation Fund General
Participation in the cancellation fund must be agreed within 7 days of the booking date.
The premium is 6.66% of the rental price.
The cancellation fund entitles, in case of cancellation as a result of an event mentioned below, to a refund of the (partial) amount received by Buitencentrum Hellendoorn B.V. according to the reservation confirmation, less the premium of the cancellation fund and the reservation costs.
The cancellation fund is valid from the date of booking according to the reservation confirmation and ends on the date of departure according to the reservation confirmation.
Coverage begins upon receipt of payment of the cancellation fund.
Payment will be made for unused booked days due to the circumstances listed under the items "Cancellation Fund Coverage". The payment will be calculated on the basis of the rental price in proportion of the number of days not taken in relation to the total number of days booked minus the costs referred to in point 3 under the general Cancellation Fund section.
All personal details, including those of fellow travelers, must be known to us at the time of closing the fund. You can complete these in 'My Environment' Only travelers whose details are known are covered by the fund.
8 .Group bookings: For multiple accommodations in a booking, the Cancellation Fund must be taken out for each accommodation.

Cancellation Fund Coverage:

To be eligible for reimbursement, cancellation must involve one of the following events

Death, serious illness or serious accident/injury of the tenant or his/her relatives in the 1st or 2nd degree, spouse, parents (in law and/or foster parents), (foster and/or step) children, brothers, brothers-in-law, sisters (in law), grandparents and grandchildren.
In case of early termination of your vacation due to death of a family member in the 1st or 2nd degree.
Cancellation of your vacation due to fire, storm or lightning damage to your home or belongings.
Involuntary unemployment after conclusion of the reservation.
In case of a medically necessary operation, which has to take place unexpectedly.
The unexpected availability of a rental property or unexpected relocation, such as due to renovation or change of job;
Serious complications during pregnancy of you or your partner.
Permanent disruption of the marriage or dissolution of a notarized cohabitation contract.
Force majeure such as terrorism, pandemic, war, natural disasters are not covered by the cancellation fund.

Payment will not be made if the participant makes an untrue statement and/or misrepresentation.

Obligations in case of cancellation
1. The tenant is obliged to report an event, as a result of which the stay must be cancelled, as soon as possible but no later than within 2 working days, in writing or by email to
Vakantiepark Hellendoorn, Sanatoriumlaan 6, 7447 PK Hellendoorn.
2. When submitting the cancellation request, the tenant must demonstrate the circumstances leading to the request for compensation with supporting documents.
The compensation from the cancellation fund can never be more than what you have paid to Vakantiepark Hellendoorn, minus the premium to the cancellation fund and the reservation costs.
You will hear within a week of receipt of the requested proof of cancellation whether your appeal to the cancellation fund is justified.

Article 7: Use by third parties
1. Use by third parties of the vacation accommodation is only allowed if the entrepreneur has given written permission.
2. The given permission may be subject to conditions, which have to be put down in writing beforehand.

Article 8: Premature departure of the holiday maker
The holiday maker shall owe the full price for the agreed upon rate period.

Article 9: Premature termination by the entrepreneur and eviction in the event of an attributable shortcoming and/or wrongful act
1. The entrepreneur may terminate the agreement with immediate effect:
a. In the event that the holiday maker, fellow holiday maker(s) and/or third party/parties do not or not adequately comply with the obligations laid down in the agreement, the accompanying information and/or government regulations, despite prior written warning, and to such an extent that, according to the standards of reasonableness and fairness, the entrepreneur cannot be required to continue the agreement;
b. In the event that the holiday maker, despite prior written warning, causes nuisance to the entrepreneur and/or fellow holiday makers, or spoils the good atmosphere on, or in the immediate vicinity of the grounds;
c. In the event that, despite prior written warning, the vacation maker acts contrary to the destination of the grounds by using the vacation residence.
2. In the event that the entrepreneur wishes premature termination and eviction, he shall be obliged to inform the holiday maker thereof by personally handed over letter The written warning may be omitted in urgent cases.
3. After termination, the holiday maker must see to it that the vacation residence is vacated and the grounds are left as soon as possible, but not later than within 4 hours.
4. The holiday maker remains in principle obliged to pay the agreed rate.

Article 10: Laws and regulations

1. The entrepreneur shall ensure at all times that the vacation residence, both internally and externally, complies with all environmental and safety requirements that are or may be imposed on the vacation residence by the authorities.
2. The holiday maker shall be obliged to strictly observe all safety regulations applicable at the site. He shall also see to it that fellow holiday maker(s) and/or third party/parties visiting him and/or staying with him strictly observe the safety regulations in force on the grounds.

Article 11: Maintenance and construction
1. The entrepreneur is obliged to keep the recreation grounds and the central facilities in a good state of maintenance.
2. The holiday maker shall be obliged to keep the vacation residence and its immediate surroundings, during the term of the agreement, in the same state in which the holiday maker received it.
3. The holiday maker, fellow holiday maker(s) and/or third party/parties shall not be allowed to dig on the grounds, to cut down trees, to trim bushes or to carry out any other activity of a similar nature.

Article 12: Liability.
1. The statutory liability of the entrepreneur for other than personal injury and death damage is limited to a maximum of € 455,000 per event. The entrepreneur is obliged to take out insurance for this.
2. The entrepreneur is not liable for an accident, theft or damage on his premises, unless this is the result of a shortcoming attributable to the entrepreneur.
3. The entrepreneur is not liable for the consequences of extreme weather influences, (un)animals or other forms of force majeure.
4. The entrepreneur is liable for utility failures, unless he can invoke force majeure.
5. The holiday maker shall be liable towards the entrepreneur for any damage caused by the acts or omissions of himself, the fellow holiday maker(s) and/or third party/parties as far as it concerns damage that can be attributed to the holiday maker, the fellow holiday maker(s) and/or third party/parties.
6. The entrepreneur undertakes to take appropriate measures after notification by the holiday maker of nuisance caused by other holiday makers.

Article 13: Disputes
1. All disputes in connection with the agreement shall be governed by Dutch law.
2. Only a Dutch judge shall be competent to take cognizance of these disputes.
3. A dispute shall only be dealt with if the holiday maker has submitted his complaint in writing to the entrepreneur within two weeks after it has arisen.
4. The entrepreneur will not take up a dispute that relates to a complaint about illness, physical injury, death or the non-payment of an invoice that is not based on a material complaint.